Friday, June 1, 2012

Oh snap

Broken Hearts but we will survive!

This season has been pretty bad for FC Dallas fans and supporters. Injuries, red cards, blowing leads, bad officiating and just straight missing opportunities for the 3 points. 

None the less, we still have a shot to sneak into the playoffs. I hope the team can come out of this break with a new found sense of urgency. The teams needs to come together and play like they want to make it to the finals again. It should not be that hard now that a lot of the players should be coming off the injured list. Shea (suspended / Turf Toe), Ferreira, and Villar would be able to make a huge impact right off the bat once they are back on the pitch. The team needs to step up and get it done. Band together and lets find our stride again!

There are plenty of games left but we will need some help in order to get into the playoffs. We will do our part as fans to scream, chant, and go mental for our FCD and motivate our team to play as hard as they can. Lets get it done! Lets get the wins and lets get healthy and show the MLS what we are made of! #DTID

Tuesday, April 17, 2012



The SBE is starting to grow and we could not be happier. We are adding member almost every game. We really appreciate all the love we have received. We have received a lot of compliments on the name and our style of supporting.  We have had a lot of support from other groups from around the world. We grow stronger with every follower on facebook, twitter, and here on the blog. We really appreciate the support. It shows our style of supporting our club is going in the right direction.

We are moving forward. We are growing. We will show the Front Office how to grow a supporters group. We will show what Dallas support is truly about. So join us in the SUPPORTERS section and lets go mental! 

On a side note. We are trying to get together for the game this weekend at the Allen Wickers. If you are interested join us. The Allen Wickers is a great place to watch some footy!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Thursday, March 8, 2012

The Tradition!

The tradition of smoking cigars started about 2 seasons ago. During one of our tailgates we decided why not add a few cigars to this fancy shin dig.
 So we went across the street to a nice cigar shop and grabbed a few.

Since then we have all chosen out favorites and have our own preference to what we smoke. Clint usually brings in an array of cigars when he makes his trip up from Austin for the games. George also brings his preferred with a few unknowns for us to try. It really fits what we are really about as a group. We are chilled, laid back, and fun. This is a down time for us before we get into stadium and go Nuckin Futz!

You will always find us grouped up in a circle drinking beer, whiskey, and other assorted beverages with cigars in hand. We shoot the shit and have a ton of fun spending time with friends and other supporters.

So join us! Bring some drinks! Bring some cigars! Have fun and Join the Inferno, El Matador, and the SBE in the supporters section! 120/121

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Tailgate Location

Refer tot he map for the updated tail gate location. We will be joining the Inferno at 9am at this location. Brings drinks, cigars, chairs and what ever else you want. Join us!

View Tailgate for Home Opener in a larger map

Sunday, March 4, 2012

221.7 Miles

Next week I will take a trek that I adore.  I will be driving up with my lovely wife and my best friend of many years.  We will spend a weekend up among people that started out as gamer buddies on the internet.  How crazy am I, right?  Not crazy at all.  I'm pumped up for this.

Last year I made one of the best trips I have made in my life.  I drove to Dallas on a Friday night.  The next morning I joined with the Inferno and Matador and some of my close friends to ride to Houston for a match.  THAT was an incredible amount of fun.

Austin is a pretty happening place... don't get me wrong.  I grew up in Austin from the age of 9.  I went to middle school and high school and played a few sports.  University of Texas - Austin dominates all of the local athletic scene.  We have a few minor league sport franchises (Texas Stars, Round Rock Express, Austin Toros) and will soon have an F1 race track... Moto GP along with it perhaps.  I spent some time up in Dallas, so I did adopt the Mavericks some time ago as my team.  I hate Jerry Jones and stopped loving the Cowboys way back when he fired Jimmy Johnson.  So I have my teams... UT Football, UT Basketball, Dallas Mavs... but there was still a hole there.  What about baseball?  I have a passing interest in UT baseball, but only because it is local and easy.  You have a team of perennial favorites to at least go to the College World Series. Let's face it, though... the fans for any UT sporting event are... reactionary.  The entire stadium or arena sit on their butt until something happens.  Most of the crowd consists of old people and stuck-up business types.  Ugh.

So I guess my point is... I have my options locally.  Those options don't suck, either.  But let's be real... going to the sporting event is only partially about how well the team does on the field.  That's why I love going to FCD games.  That is why I'm willing to travel 221.7 miles in each direction.

So next week I bring the people I care most about to join once again with my adoptive family.  We are joined by a common bond--a need to drink together, smoke cigars (for good luck) and to march together to our section and get rowdy.  

And after the game is over... and the fireworks have gone off... we go to Burger Girl and I get my usual (grilled cheese sandwich with a side of tomato soup to dip it in).

All of these reasons make every mile worth it.  We gas the car... pay for food on the way up... board the dog... and spend plenty of money on beer.  Hell, sometimes I even brew beer and take it up to share.

So yeah... that's why.  I cannot wait.



Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Why so much hate? We love you all!
We are going to take a moment to explain our intentions. It seems some people think that we are some type of group looking for fights in stadiums and what not. This is not true. We are a group of FANATICS! We have huge sense of humor. Hence the name (We will explain the name later). We are standing up for a belief that we think is right. Just because you do not see things how we do does not mean we are attacking you. We are doing the complete opposite. Please come to games. Sit where you want. Support how you want. If it is not in the fashion that we support in, so be it. We will not bash you, hate on you, or call you out. You are a fan and that is good enough for us. We appreciate anyone that supports our beloved club FC Dallas. We don't care what is happening in Houston. This is Dallas and we will be a great supporters group, PERIOD.

We want a section filled with fanatics. People jumping, screaming, tossing up beer **Cough** El **Cough** Matador. We want fanatic fans! We want to create an intimidating stadium for rival teams. We want them to see the stands and think "Wow, that looks insane". We are not looking to start a riot or harm anyone. We want to intimidate the opposing team and cheer on our home team. Being a supporter entails both of these aspects. 

If you do not agree with what we stand for, fine. All we ask is to be mature and not flame us as we are not flaming you. 

To the name. Some people find it offensive which is ok. We have used this name for 13 years.  This is the name that the core of this group has used for PC gaming. We competed in world competitions under this name. So it was natural for us to adopt it for this group. Everyone can find something in a name to be offended about. Relax, calm down, let us get ready for the new season!

Tuesday, February 28, 2012



I do not know what the FO has against it's supporters. Yes, we cuss. Yes, it gets a little wild. Yes, the RARE smoke bomb does happen. What is the big deal? There are other supporters groups that do this and never hear a whisper about being banned, Arrested, or Threatened. We are wanting the same from our FO. Let us do what we do best. BE SUPPORTERS! Is it really that bad that a smoke bomb was set off in the stands? Was anyone killed? Did anyone die? From the reaction you would think so.

The recent problems between the FO and El Matador hurts everyone. They set off a smoke bomb which we all know is not allowed, but what is the problem? I refer back the first paragraph. It was done in a safe spot and nobody got hurt or killed. The FO may be using it as an excuse to get rid of some of the hardcore supporters....who knows. I myself got "Banned" for a game for a smoke bomb going off. I was not even approached about it, or shown evidence. Just walked up to the gate and my ticket got denied, so I just kept walking in.

So El matador. We support you. It is time for change in the FO's eyes on there supporters. Let us support the team. As long as flares and smoke bombs are not flying onto the field I do not see what the big deal is. This is also an hot topic in the MLS FO. I leave you with this video. Listen to the announcer. Step up FC Dallas! Step up MLS! It is time to show true support!

This was in Chicago.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Blas Perez

Blas Perez For Mayor!

So Blas wants to be the mayor of FC Dallas Stadium? Only if the SBE can be his Deputies. We are in Texas after all.

So far we are loving Blas and his connection to the fans. He is all over the social networking front . It makes us feel very connected to the team. We appreciate the time you take to respond to us. We will show our appreciation in the stands.

So Blas, from the Defenders of the Mayor. We will be there every game supporting you and the team. Lets get the season started! 

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Holding Our Breath for Ferreira

Whew.  Big day for FC Dallas fans.  A trip to a foot specialist scheduled for today should shed some light on David Ferreira's status.  While he has been full speed in practices, there is a hope that he makes an appearance tonight against SMU.

I think back to the 2011 campaign (I would say season, but there were so many levels on which our side competed that just pointing out the MLS season seems to be a slight) and wonder what could have been.  Even with Ferreira out FCD competed at a high level in all venues.  But... what if?  We will never know.

I personally believe that with all of the new elements and unknowns moving forward, it would be wonderful to have the core of our team solidified.  Who better than the 2010 MLS MVP to make that happen?  Shea is wonderful and our new acquisitions seem to have solid histories but with international commitments we need David back to help cement our status in the league.  This season may have an element of "rebuilding," but I hope that it turns out to simply be "reloading."

Until we see the man confidently sprint through the pack, carve through defenses and do what I remember him in doing with frequency in 2010 (suffering a foul and bouncing right back up again) we will all be collectively holding our breath.


Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Match Fixing?

There have been a few articles come out on how the MLS seems to be pretty vulnerable to match fixing (links to follow). Is the MLS vulnerable to match fixing? Yes. Every league in the world has this problem. The MLS is not immune to this. With how the league is growing it is inevitable that the league will experience "fixing". No matter how big or small the act, it will happen.

All you can do is hope that nothing major happens that kills our fragile league. We would hate to see something like what happened in Italy. Italian soccer has dropped off a lot since those dark days. Lets hope the powers that be will investigate any leads with all the man power they have. If someone is involved ....The league needs to deal with it harshly. Remove them, ban them, whatever it takes to show that the MLS will never stand for any type of match fixing.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

We did not watch the game today where the "handshake" incident took place. All I need to see is what happened during the incident. 

First of all Racism has no place in football or the world. Suarez was 100% in the wrong and should have stepped up like a professional and shook Evra's hand. This snub at Evra should be the end of Suarez's career. This has no place in the game. 

Racism is so childish in the first place. This grown man resorts to petty racism to get his name in lights and grab the headlines. I hope FIFA and the EPL move fast and handle this in the way it should be handled. Later Suarez, we don't have room for you in the beautiful game.

Friday, February 10, 2012

SBE Blog

Welcome to the SBE blog site. We will be posting news, opinions, projects and just general information. 

I would like to start by saying we are looking forward to seeing everyone again next season. We look forward to meeting new people and showing them the ways of a supporters section. No matter what group you want to be associated with in our section WELCOME! We need all the bodies we can get! Just be prepared to leave the stadium exhausted with no voice left. The teams puts everything on the line ever game and we are there to back them up and show our support for the club. 

If you wish to join the supporters tail gate check the map below. On opening day we will be there early. Probably around 10am or so. Join us, introduce yourself and have some drinks with us!

View Larger Map