Friday, June 1, 2012

Oh snap

Broken Hearts but we will survive!

This season has been pretty bad for FC Dallas fans and supporters. Injuries, red cards, blowing leads, bad officiating and just straight missing opportunities for the 3 points. 

None the less, we still have a shot to sneak into the playoffs. I hope the team can come out of this break with a new found sense of urgency. The teams needs to come together and play like they want to make it to the finals again. It should not be that hard now that a lot of the players should be coming off the injured list. Shea (suspended / Turf Toe), Ferreira, and Villar would be able to make a huge impact right off the bat once they are back on the pitch. The team needs to step up and get it done. Band together and lets find our stride again!

There are plenty of games left but we will need some help in order to get into the playoffs. We will do our part as fans to scream, chant, and go mental for our FCD and motivate our team to play as hard as they can. Lets get it done! Lets get the wins and lets get healthy and show the MLS what we are made of! #DTID

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