Thursday, March 8, 2012

The Tradition!

The tradition of smoking cigars started about 2 seasons ago. During one of our tailgates we decided why not add a few cigars to this fancy shin dig.
 So we went across the street to a nice cigar shop and grabbed a few.

Since then we have all chosen out favorites and have our own preference to what we smoke. Clint usually brings in an array of cigars when he makes his trip up from Austin for the games. George also brings his preferred with a few unknowns for us to try. It really fits what we are really about as a group. We are chilled, laid back, and fun. This is a down time for us before we get into stadium and go Nuckin Futz!

You will always find us grouped up in a circle drinking beer, whiskey, and other assorted beverages with cigars in hand. We shoot the shit and have a ton of fun spending time with friends and other supporters.

So join us! Bring some drinks! Bring some cigars! Have fun and Join the Inferno, El Matador, and the SBE in the supporters section! 120/121

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