Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Holding Our Breath for Ferreira

Whew.  Big day for FC Dallas fans.  A trip to a foot specialist scheduled for today should shed some light on David Ferreira's status.  While he has been full speed in practices, there is a hope that he makes an appearance tonight against SMU.

I think back to the 2011 campaign (I would say season, but there were so many levels on which our side competed that just pointing out the MLS season seems to be a slight) and wonder what could have been.  Even with Ferreira out FCD competed at a high level in all venues.  But... what if?  We will never know.

I personally believe that with all of the new elements and unknowns moving forward, it would be wonderful to have the core of our team solidified.  Who better than the 2010 MLS MVP to make that happen?  Shea is wonderful and our new acquisitions seem to have solid histories but with international commitments we need David back to help cement our status in the league.  This season may have an element of "rebuilding," but I hope that it turns out to simply be "reloading."

Until we see the man confidently sprint through the pack, carve through defenses and do what I remember him in doing with frequency in 2010 (suffering a foul and bouncing right back up again) we will all be collectively holding our breath.


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