Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Why so much hate? We love you all!
We are going to take a moment to explain our intentions. It seems some people think that we are some type of group looking for fights in stadiums and what not. This is not true. We are a group of FANATICS! We have huge sense of humor. Hence the name (We will explain the name later). We are standing up for a belief that we think is right. Just because you do not see things how we do does not mean we are attacking you. We are doing the complete opposite. Please come to games. Sit where you want. Support how you want. If it is not in the fashion that we support in, so be it. We will not bash you, hate on you, or call you out. You are a fan and that is good enough for us. We appreciate anyone that supports our beloved club FC Dallas. We don't care what is happening in Houston. This is Dallas and we will be a great supporters group, PERIOD.

We want a section filled with fanatics. People jumping, screaming, tossing up beer **Cough** El **Cough** Matador. We want fanatic fans! We want to create an intimidating stadium for rival teams. We want them to see the stands and think "Wow, that looks insane". We are not looking to start a riot or harm anyone. We want to intimidate the opposing team and cheer on our home team. Being a supporter entails both of these aspects. 

If you do not agree with what we stand for, fine. All we ask is to be mature and not flame us as we are not flaming you. 

To the name. Some people find it offensive which is ok. We have used this name for 13 years.  This is the name that the core of this group has used for PC gaming. We competed in world competitions under this name. So it was natural for us to adopt it for this group. Everyone can find something in a name to be offended about. Relax, calm down, let us get ready for the new season!


  1. The name is offensive, and I can't believe nobody has mentioned it in the past. FREE speech fine, but your name in it's purest state refers to a group of people who cannot come on here and defend themselves. Once again... I AM NOT HATING... just voicing the opinion of many.

    1. We respect your opinion Harlan. Post away. Helps with site traffic.

    2. Not Harlan. Just a fan who thinks there is too much secrecy around supporters matters. I will call out the administration if needs be, so don't think this is just directed at your poor choice of name.

    3. Oh, so Harlan just happens to be your first follower right after you make a Twitter account? lol

    4. Secrecy? We post and tweet everything. What is it you would like to know? We are an open book.