Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Match Fixing?

There have been a few articles come out on how the MLS seems to be pretty vulnerable to match fixing (links to follow). Is the MLS vulnerable to match fixing? Yes. Every league in the world has this problem. The MLS is not immune to this. With how the league is growing it is inevitable that the league will experience "fixing". No matter how big or small the act, it will happen.

All you can do is hope that nothing major happens that kills our fragile league. We would hate to see something like what happened in Italy. Italian soccer has dropped off a lot since those dark days. Lets hope the powers that be will investigate any leads with all the man power they have. If someone is involved ....The league needs to deal with it harshly. Remove them, ban them, whatever it takes to show that the MLS will never stand for any type of match fixing.

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